Wednesday, July 30, 2014


If you need a dose of humor, I have a suggestion for you. Well, actually, I have two suggestions. Both are books, both are written about parenting, and both are written by fathers. Their take on parenthood is very amusing.

The first book I recommend is THIS IS RIDICULOUS, THIS IS AMAZING: Parenthood in 71 Lists by Jason Good. Jason breaks down his parenting insights into list form. He has compiled 71 lists dealing with such topics as “Games You Can Play While Lying Down”; “Taking a Bath with Your Child”; and “How to Threaten Your Children Effectively”. His take on things is wild and wacky and endlessly entertaining.

The other book is called CONFESSIONS OF THE WORLD’S BEST FATHER by Dave Engledow. Instead of lists, he presents his topics in picture form. He documents the first few years of his daughter’s life with pictures and short narratives to go with them. He starts with Day 1 and ends with Day 918. No, there are not 918 photos as he skips many days between photos. All his photos show him with his daughter Alice Bee, and each photo includes his trusty coffee mug, a gift from his wife, that says WORLD’S BEST FATHER on it. The pics are absolutely hilarious as are his tongue-in-cheek narratives that go along with them.

Although these books aren't "how-to" books about writing, they can be viewed as instructional in terms of presenting similar information in very different forms and doing so with a great big dose of humor.

Do yourself a favor and take a moment to peruse these books. You’ll be glad you did. Warning: You might need a warped sense of humor to truly enjoy them!

Monday, July 14, 2014


It can be tough getting a children's book published these days. Many publishers accept manuscript submissions only through agents. If you don't have an agent, you can't submit to them.

But, fear not. If you have a children's story that you feel is ready for publication, and you don't have an agent to represent you, I have good news. Mandy Yates, from the Children's Book Academy has posted a great list of publishers who are accepting unsolicited manuscripts. The list includes such publishers as Boyds Mills Press, Clarion, and Putnam.

Before you submit, though, remember to do your homework. Make sure your manuscript fits the needs and wants of the publisher you're sending it to.

Good luck!