Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Map of the Sky

Sometimes I get the feeling I keep reading the same book over and over again. The titles change, the characters' names change, the settings change, and even the authors change, but the themes and plots just seem to repeat themselves.

Not so this time. Author Felix J. Palma has spun a tale that is different from any other I've ever read. He's managed to combine history and science fiction into a story like no other. This one features real-life past author H. G. Wells, who wrote both THE TIME MACHINE and WAR OF THE WORLDS. Palma has combined the two stories, putting Wells front and center of the action, being involved in historical actions as well as fictional ones.

It's a story that mixes the idea of a Martian invasion with time travel. It should interest science fiction, as well as historical fiction buffs.

PS: It's the second book in a three-part series. I haven't read the first book, THE MAP OF TIME, so I want to do that now, and then read the last book of the series, THE MAP OF CHAOS.