Thursday, November 21, 2013

Little Chicken's Big Christmas

Here I go again, with another book review on my blog page. But, I have a really good reason for putting this one here. I am taking part in a new venture. Katie Davis wrote a book called LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS, as a companion book to her previous title, LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG DAY. The first book had been published traditionally by S&S. 

But, she wanted to do something different with this second book. She decided to go the "indie" (or independent) route. In order to get the word out about the book, she invited people to become part of her Launch Team. Those who volunteered (like myself) were able download an advanced copy of the book. Then, we were supposed to write a review and post it on the Web. So far I've posted this review on and added a link to it through my Facebook page and then mentioned it on Twitter. Now, I'm adding it to my blog.

Why am I doing all this? you might ask. Well, partly to help Katie out. And, partly to be a part of a new venture. And, I'll admit it, partly to give me a chance to win some cool prizes. 

Anyway, here's my review of her new book. I hope you like it: 

I have had the distinct pleasure to review an advanced copy of Katie Davis’ newest e-book, LITTLE CHICKEN’S BIG CHRISTMAS, which will be released the week of Thanksgiving. This book, like her previous title, LITTLE CHICKEN’S BIG DAY, features Little Chicken.

Little Chicken is a delightful little character who, like many children, can’t wait for Christmas. He keeps asking, “Is it Christmas yet?”

Up until the big day, the reply is, “Not yet, Little Chicken.” But, there are many things to do to keep Little Chicken occupied while he waits like visiting Santa, going shopping, decorating the house, and wrapping presents.

This is a picture book with very few words. The illustrations, which are bright and bold, convey the story perfectly. This is a story both children and parents will enjoy. I laughed out loud at the last line in the book. I’m sure you will, too.

PS: Here's a link to the book trailer on YouTube.
PSS: Here's a link to the companion book, LITTLE CHICKEN'S BIG CHRISTMAS activity book, filled with 100 pages of stories and fun. Get your copy today!

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