Monday, March 26, 2018

ReFoReMo 2018 Day 18 Book Reviews

NOTE: Several other books were suggested for today's lesson, but our library doesn't have copies of them, so I haven't read them. If I get a chance to read them, I will update this review list.

BELLY BUTTON BOOK by Sandra Boynton

Short, rhyming text, color illustrations, and the subject matter of hippo belly buttons make this a delightfully silly board book for babies.

COLOR ZOO by Lois Ehlert 
Lois Ehlert combines bright, vibrant colors, cut-outs and geometric shapes to create a one-of-a-kind book about colors, shapes, and animals. The geometric cut-outs are done in such a way as to illustrate the faces of nine different animals, using 10 different shapes and 16 different colors. This is sure to be a book that your young one will want to look at again and again.


Wake up ladybug,
look what’s here?
Spring brings red,
march and cheer. 

So begins this book about nature and the colors associated with spring - red ladybugs on red tulips, yellow bumblebees on yellow daffodils, etc. Two rotating wheels at the end of the book make this interactive as well as delightful.

PEEK-A-BOO FARM by Joyce Wan 

"With a curly tail,
I am pink and short.
I play in the mud
and go, "Oink, oink, oink."

Guess who? The reader then pulls a flap down to uncover the animal's face, along with this text: "Peek-a-boo! Pig."

So begins this delightful little book about farm animals. There are seven animals in all featured in this book. Each one starts with a rhyming description on one side of the page, with the flap on the other side of the page.

This is sure to become a favorite for little ones.

PEEK-A MOO by Nina Laden

Although the titles are similar, this book is quite different than the PEEK-A-BOO FARM one. This one has cut-outs throughout the pages. The title of the book is PEEK-A MOO! and the cover is cut out to show a pair of eyes. When the page is turned, a cow's face is revealed. The next cut-out shows a field of red with some green leaves. Turning the page reveals a tomato. Each cut-out is in the same shape in the same place, but each one reveals something completely different. There is a rhyme scheme, also, as the first text says "Peek a boo." The next one (for the tomato) says "Peek a grew."

This is another book that is sure to become a favorite for little ones.


This is a great book to teach little ones about where other babies live, like a baby bird and a baby deer. Each double-page spread asks a question, i.e, "Where is the baby bunny's home?" Then the reader lifts the flap to discover the answer. In this case, the answer is, "In the burrow."

The colorful illustrations, fun laps, and interactive play are sure to make this book a favorite.

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