Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fishing Haiku

Here's a poem I wrote about fishing for Children's Author David L. Harrison's Blog for Poetry Theme for the Month of May. The theme was "fishing" so I wrote a short haiku for it. For those who are not familiar with haiku, it is a very structured, and very short, type of Japanese poem with a total of three lines. The first and third lines have only five syllables each, while the second line has seven. Here's my haiku:


Just baited the hook.
Sitting, waiting for a bite.
What lies will I catch?

Profound, don't ya think?


DonnaLouise said...

Cute haiku. Have fun with your blog Christine. We're fellow 12 x 12'rs! :0)- Donna L Sadd


Christine M. Irvin said...

Thanks, DonnaLouise. The 12x12'rs are a great group, aren't they? I'm enjoying myself and learning more all the time. I guess it's never too late to teach an old writer some new techniques!!